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A diamond's Clarity is the characteristics inside (inclusions) and outside (blemishes) of the diamond.   The highest grade for clarity is Flawless and the lowest grade is Imperfect.   Properly graded diamonds of SI2 or higher must be viewed under magnification in order to see the stone's inclusions.

Don't be fooled!  If you can easily see the inclusions within a diamond while viewing it in the face-up position, it should be considered an imperfect grade of I1, I2, or I3.  End of discussion!

You will find that of the four quality characteristics, clarity provides you with the most room for flexibility.  Why?  Because from Flawless to SI2 you are unable to see what's inside the diamond, but you definitely pay more for Flawless.

Flawless, VVS, VS, SI clarities available.


The clarity grade is determined by a number of factors:  The size of inclusions, the number of inclusions, where the inclusions are located within the diamond, the eye visibility of the inclusions.  The fewer the inclusions and the more difficult they are to see under ten power (10x) magnification, the higher the clarity grade.There are many types of inclusions that may be present within a diamond.


Blemishes refer to the exterior features of a diamond and are very small and difficult to view without the assistance of a magnifier.  They generally do not affect the beauty of a diamond and are almost always located near the girdle of the diamond.  For more information, see the glossary for terms such as natural, extra facet, or blemish.

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